Online marketing has some spectacular advantages over conventional advertising, for instance, it’s cheaper. You don’t have to worry about the middle-man. What middle man? There ain’t one. You can use it to see who wants your product, how much of it want, or indeed if they want any at all! And you can count your customers, build trust with them and reach them with the click of a mouse.

BUT! (Isn’t there always one of those irritating things?) Online marketing has its problems.

Once you have a client, learning how to keep them is a challenge. The competition is fierce out there so you need to pinpoint just who is likely to be interested in your product. Right product – right customer. Don’t offer walking frames to sportsmen, or lingerie to artists.com. It’s not rocket science, dude! (Well, I suppose it is if you home in on them like a guided missile!)

The product being sold may not be what it purports to be, or look nothing like the picture. Because you’re not feeling the texture of the cloth or trying it on that beautiful wedding dress that cost ONLY $10 from Singapore really looks like something that you wouldn’t dry your dishes with. Let the buyer beware! Any reputable company will offer to take the goods back and refund their money, enhancing both their reputation and trustworthiness. Shoddy goods and cash not refunded will get you a reputation for being cheap and nasty. Be that caring company.

Marketing scams: e.g. give me $10,000 and I’ll double/triple/multiply it tenfold! If something looks too good it probably is. This is why it’s important to build up that Mr. Nice guy persona who REALLY has the customers’ interests at heart. Because of issues like these clients may be hesitant about offering up information like bank details, credit card numbers, etc. If you are asked for your bank account’s password you know you’re being scammed! Make sure your security is watertight.

Update! Update! Update! It’s a jungle out there. For every one of your little ventures there are hundreds of others all trying to grab a piece of the action, so keep focused and update your advertising all the time. If I go to a website and exactly the same information is on it when I go there a week later, I go to another website. In this age of mouse-click information, I want instant gratification. And that means now, or preferably yesterday!

Employ the right people. This is more than just hiring someone who knows their way around a computer. I can do that (after a fashion). The right people are those with the kind of skills that can’t be quantified; a talent for coping with change and uncertainty, being a team player, being curious and open to new ideas and being able to take chances, amongst others. Hiring the poor guy who lives down the street because he’s unemployed won’t work.

So if you’re out there in the digital wilderness trying to dodge the scamsters, thieves and Big Guys, good luck, and watch your back!

Drip Marketing Software Review

infusionsoft-Infusionsoft: A Drip Marketing Software Review

Drip Marketing, also known as drip campaigns, automated email campaign, lifecycle emails, autoresponders, and marketing automation, is a method of automatically sending marketing e-mails in a particular schedule. The e-mails can differ depending on triggers or actions an individual has made, such as signing up for a website or asking help from your services. Here is a short review of one of the most famous Drip Marketing Software available.

Infusionsoft Drip Marketing Software

A lot of business owners have shifted to Infusionsoft, as it is the most appropriate tool for sending automated e-mails for their customers. This Drip Marketing Software may be expensive. However, when you compare it to other campaigns, such as the ROI. Infusionsoft competes with other big marketing software, including Aweber and Ontraport, so you wouldn’t be surprised why the charge so much for their software. This website source has compared Infusionsoft to Ontraport http://gedynk.com/ontraport-vs-infusionsoft.

For their services, you can choose to pay for the Essentials, Deluxe Sales, Deluxe E-Commerce or Complete package. The price starts at $199 per month which includes contact management and marketing automating for 2, 500 contacts, 12, 500 emails per month and 3 users. The most expensive package is worth $379 per month that already includes contact management, marketing automation, sales automation and e-commerce for 10, 000 contacts, with 50, 000 emails per month from 5 users. Also, you’ll have to pay a one-off fee of $ 2, 000 for their mandatory kick-starter coaching page. However, even with this unbelievable price tag for a software, a lot of business owners still invest their money to Infusionsoft.

But, after you finish the mandatory kick-starter package, you’ll soon realize that it is indeed important, helping you fully understand the complexity of their drip marketing software. It has so much power to change your online business, using its price as a psychological factor to really make it work.

Buying and Setup

First of all, they don’t allow customers to sign-up in their official website. They prefer that you hop through a series of processes by asking for a demo or phoning them of your interest in their software. Generally, they just want to ensure that they’re dealing with an actual person, and not just another automated person online. This is also a great way for you to make sure that they’re a legit provider, and not just any scammer.

Here are the things we liked about the Infusionsoft

  1. Great campaign builder – It’s an amazing software that makes the process enjoyable and satisfying by being able to interact with thousands of customers.
  2. They also have a great community – In their private groups on Facebook, they host an ICON conferences every year, hoping to get their customers share what they know and help each other businesses.
  3. Excellent deliverability results – They have better e-mail deliverability compared to other drip marketing software.
  4. Quick and stable software – Compared to other services that lags and loads forever, everything in the software opens quickly, without any software problems.
  5. Satisfactory customer service – The team involved in this software has always been helpful in attending to the needs of their users, making sure they have the best experience with their services.