Online marketing has some spectacular advantages over conventional advertising, for instance, it’s cheaper. You don’t have to worry about the middle-man. What middle man? There ain’t one. You can use it to see who wants your product, how much of it want, or indeed if they want any at all! And you can count your customers, build trust with them and reach them with the click of a mouse.

BUT! (Isn’t there always one of those irritating things?) Online marketing has its problems.

Once you have a client, learning how to keep them is a challenge. The competition is fierce out there so you need to pinpoint just who is likely to be interested in your product. Right product – right customer. Don’t offer walking frames to sportsmen, or lingerie to artists.com. It’s not rocket science, dude! (Well, I suppose it is if you home in on them like a guided missile!)

The product being sold may not be what it purports to be, or look nothing like the picture. Because you’re not feeling the texture of the cloth or trying it on that beautiful wedding dress that cost ONLY $10 from Singapore really looks like something that you wouldn’t dry your dishes with. Let the buyer beware! Any reputable company will offer to take the goods back and refund their money, enhancing both their reputation and trustworthiness. Shoddy goods and cash not refunded will get you a reputation for being cheap and nasty. Be that caring company.

Marketing scams: e.g. give me $10,000 and I’ll double/triple/multiply it tenfold! If something looks too good it probably is. This is why it’s important to build up that Mr. Nice guy persona who REALLY has the customers’ interests at heart. Because of issues like these clients may be hesitant about offering up information like bank details, credit card numbers, etc. If you are asked for your bank account’s password you know you’re being scammed! Make sure your security is watertight.

Update! Update! Update! It’s a jungle out there. For every one of your little ventures there are hundreds of others all trying to grab a piece of the action, so keep focused and update your advertising all the time. If I go to a website and exactly the same information is on it when I go there a week later, I go to another website. In this age of mouse-click information, I want instant gratification. And that means now, or preferably yesterday!

Employ the right people. This is more than just hiring someone who knows their way around a computer. I can do that (after a fashion). The right people are those with the kind of skills that can’t be quantified; a talent for coping with change and uncertainty, being a team player, being curious and open to new ideas and being able to take chances, amongst others. Hiring the poor guy who lives down the street because he’s unemployed won’t work.

So if you’re out there in the digital wilderness trying to dodge the scamsters, thieves and Big Guys, good luck, and watch your back!

Marketing strategies for flashlight

An entrepreneur dealing with flashlights will wonder the best methodologies in marketing to enhance business sales and further increase profit margins. With the current competition in the hand-held lighting devices, as an entrepreneur, Orbita-Lighthouse-flashlight-2you have to move a notch higher in marketing just to ensure you improve your social presence for marketing purposes. With advanced technology; advertising and marketing have made numerous milestones, new entrants in the electric gadgets business need to customize their marketing department to accommodate these new technologies as well as incorporate old marketing strategies for a diverse audience.

The 9 most appropriate marketing strategies for flashlight

Marketing automation software

Marketing automation software like ConvertKit and MailChimp has comprehensive features that target the online audience. The power of this toolkit enables one to design Email campaigns, landing pages, and Customer Relationship Management tools etc. It defines old marketing technologies in a new platform.

Print media

flashlight.dark.mainThe use of hard copy media advertisement like magazines, newspapers, newsletters among other reference books also captures audiences who believe in the vintage technology defined by the power of the hard book.

Social media marketing

The social media platforms- Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest among others- offer a great arena for a flashlight entrepreneur to create a business page and advertise the product. The entrepreneur can opt to get the free or the paid version of the advertisement. The paid version is ideal for a flashlight startup that needs more social media followers. The sharing function of social media helps gain passive marketing to more clients.

Word of mouth

The word of mouth marketing strategy is practical due to honesty and trust. The main reason for this, your source of referral had tried and tested the flashlight functionality. However, it is a long-term solution and requires quality products accepted by the masses.

Internet marketing

Internet marketing is the order of modern marketing. The referral program helps online users to send links with pictures of the flashlight for someone to buy.

Research marketing

Yes, you have the product, but have you checked on competition in terms of pricing and more benefits compared to your product. Research marketing helps you study the market and figures of their market share such that you are able to advertise to the audience where competition has left a gap.

Event marketing

Event venues offer first-hand customers who can sample, test and interact with your clients. You create contacts at this point for future marketing communication especially using a marketing automation software – subscription function.

Free samples

Who does not love free stuff for sampling and proving functionality of a flashlight? “Buy one get one free” marketing strategy helps get more clients because of proven functionality and customer loyalty.

Content marketing

The old way of just selling products, clients do not take them seriously. Tell people the benefits of having a Streamlight 88850 PolyTac LED  in their homes, and how it will make their life simple and easy. People buy benefits.

Before you choose a marketing strategy, prove its efficiency based on your location and the type of customers or else you will invest in an invalid marketing method.

Best marketing for pool vacuum

Pool owners love a clean swimming pool and would love to use a pool vacuum because of the efficiency and cost effectiveness of the device. With this is mind, there is a ready market for the pool vacuum. Manufacturers spend sleepless nights

pool vacuum

to learn the growing trends in the swimming industry; with technology, pool vacuums are launched on a monthly basis. How do you strive to become a “monopoly” in the industry? There is no short cut to this; you need to use effective marketing techniques to ensure you stay ahead of competition even when bigger brands prove to have strength in the industry. Ask yourself, what makes them a “bigger” brand? They have used effective marketing tools to create and maintain the brand in social circles. How is this possible?

 Social media marketing

There is power in the social media because of the global access and easy access to the internet through smartphones. A pool vacuum company must have a page where they interact with customers on various offers, promotions, and newly launched pool vacuums. The advantage of social media is real-time communication and feedback on the use and functioning of the products. Use positive criticism to change and build your brand according to consumer needs.

Marketing automation software

A pool vacuum business should invest in an efficient marketing automation tool to help integrate the business in one set up to improve the efficiency of delivery of services. The marketing application can create Email campaigns, and monitor the actions for the sake of future campaigns based on results of the previous campaigns.

 Internet marketing

Access to the internet has also given software developers a run for their brains. They use link referral programs for some specific products to increase their web presence. A pool vacuum can adopt that but with great care because of consumer intelligence on such enticing internet links. Most of them end up in the wrong subscribers, but when you integrate them with other Email marketing tools, the results are amazing.

Content marketing

A pool vacuum business should strive to ensure there is a lot of traffic on the site, business experts admits it has a conversion rate of up to 60%. It is important for you to feature types of pool cleaning vacuum too to gain more readers. When there is a lot of web traffic on the pool vacuum, the search engine automatically places it at the top such that any new customers who need a pool vacuum it is the first company to appear. Psychologists believe in the power of “first things” there is a great possibility of sales conversion because of high Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of the pool vacuum.

 Print and audio media

Televisions and radio advertisements still have a significant role in marketing. Though expensive, it gives value for the money. Incorporate the same with online video platforms like YouTube to increase global presence of the company.

Let the market trends and other business parameters to guide you on the best marketing method to use for the pool vacuum. If your budget allows you to run all of them, the higher the chances of making your pool vacuum a big brand in the pool business.


Why Coffee is the secret of every successful marketer

office_coffe_solutions The art of learning customer dynamics and developing strategies to ensure it translates to profit to the company requires a high level of wisdom. The cognitive skills required to tailor an advertisement to convince a customer on different products requires good physical and mental health. It also needs a marketer to spend the sleepless night to learn new concepts and study competition to keep the brand the best in the market. Coffee is the ultimate drink to help marketers updated on the latest trends.

How is coffee effective for marketers?

Energy booster

The enormous work on a marketers table requires a stimulant to provide constant energy. Coffee rejuvenates the body through improved metabolism responsible for energy provision.  Research shows the caffeine content in coffee controls the absorption rate of food into the blood stream, which quickly turns it into energy required by a marketer for effective planning and developing workable affiliate marketing strategies.

Enhanced concentration

Coffee has been associated with rejuvenating the nerve cells responsible for concentration. Marketers need this to keep them energized to complete the deadline for that top brand contract. Fatigue in marketers can cause small errors that can be detrimental in the company. For example, an Email marketing campaign tool with spelling errors is a turn off to the recipient. It portrays a poor market brand and reduced success rate of the marketing platform.

Improved physical and mental health

Running different marketing strategies concurrently while trying to analyze the effects of the strategy to make changes and improvement in subsequent strategies needs a clear and sober mind. As a result, of increased metabolism, there is a general improvement in the physical and mental health of a marketer.

Disease prevention

Coffee has been proved to reduce diabetes, Parkinson’s disease,office-coffee liver cirrhosis, liver cancer among others. Some of these diseases are limiting on the type of food and some activities, which can have a direct effect on the normal functioning of marketers. When kept at bay, you are sure the marketers are in good health to handle tight deadlines and successful marketing concepts.

Low-calorie content

Pure coffee with no milk and sugar has decreased calorie content, which means, the body organs operate within the required threshold as a result, it maintains the right weight of an individual. Problems associated with weight like increased heartbeat and lifestyle diseases like obesity are kept at bay. This means a marketer is alert and physically fit to handle different tasks and marketing challenges

Coffee is a great stimulant for marketers. Most offices got their own coffee maker(http://www.bestsuperautomaticespressomachine.com) However, it does not replace the traditional medicines in treating ailments. It should also not replace any treatment plans administered by medical experts. There should be moderate consumption of the drink; too much of its consumption has other detrimental health effects. Marketers use the drink to stay alerted and allow them to concentrate on their work. Marketing department plays a major role in the success of any business. There is a heavy investment to ensure they have the best and achieve the best of results.




Home tools Seller’s Marketing Strategy

Marketing requires different strategies depending on the target market. Before you make a choice on any marketing strategies, you need to know the location, interest, and habits of your target customers. Will the strategy reach them? If you are selling an online course and you use print media, chances are your audience might not get the information on time unlike using the internet.

Some of the home tools used by a seller include


The innovation of the internet has made marketing a cheap and easy way of relaying information to customers. Smartphones and tablets have access to the internet you can choose to send Emails to your customers on the product to find a good model of weed eater or what not. You can also choose to design an advertisement and make a paid up advertisements in various online shops for hosting.


Social media

The advent of social media has also improved access to information. Marketers also find it a cheap tool to convey the message as well as receive timely feedback from customers. This will help you improve and make any necessary changes. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram are the most common social media platforms. Marketers only create a page where they get followers who act as their first audience. The platforms have the sharing facility to help reach out to other customers within their cycle of friends. The major advantage of social media is the concept of uploading pictures for customers to see and make the right decision. You could also choose to send out a video with information about the product.

Word of mouth

People love using products that have been tested and proved with positive feedback. The word of mouth referral is the best home tool for a seller. You could polish it by providing your customers with brochures or handouts for adding value to the advertisement. The brochures should have contacts and any relevant information on the product.

Online campaigns

Your friends should be the first recipient of your product. A marketer can use his smartphone, computer or tablet to design an advertisement and share it online with friends. It can be through social media platforms or Emails. A soft copy advertisement can reach masses compared to print or audiovisual media.

Advertisement hosting

He can also choose to contact popular websites to host the advertisement for a fee. The links should redirect an interested customer to the website for more information about the product.

There are various home tools, which can be good marketing platforms. Some include billboards within the neighborhood. Marketing is a heavy investment for multi-level companies; startups could consider using home marketing tools as the initial strategies to help build the brand before spending heavily on expensive marketing strategies. Traditionally, print and audiovisual media were the only ways of advertisements but currently technology has widened the choices. However, despite the access to the internet there are still expensive Customer Relationship Management tools which can be used for advertisement. The choice of any of the strategy is left to the marketer.


How to Plan Ping Pong Event and gather best players in town  

Ping Pong events attract a large crowd and proper planning is required because of many activities involved in the event. Proper planning requires advance booking of the best players. You should also consider the time and date of the event; when you plan the event when they are on the verge of Olympic preparation chances are they might not attend. Best players have celebrity status, they also love to attend events where there is huge traffic to meet fans and interact as they have fun. Security should also be vital. Planning involves various aspects; some of them include

Date and time of the event

A ping Pong tournament is an outdoor event where participants come to enjoy the game as well as interact. Event organizers should choose a date where most of the people are available and the best players are free from upcoming events. The season should also be favorable to enjoy the event to the maximum. Summer time will be ideal compared to wintertime. It should be a daylong event and the venue should only host the tournament to avoid any destructions.

Massive advertisement

Marketers should use diverse marketing strategies to spread the word on the Ping Pong event. Sports activities are fun when there is the massive presence of spectators and players. The Internet, social media, print, audiovisual media and word of mouth referral will be the best marketing strategies to pass information about the tournament.

Official communication

Event organizers should avoid last minute rush when planning the event. Before you embark on any form advertisement; you must ensure the players have an official invitation and confirmed their attendance. The venue should also be booked in advance to ensure that date there is no any other bookings. With advanced technology, all these can be done online through Email and follow up made through phone calls or physical visits. During the invitations, all the necessary concerns raised by the players are solved and the planners can go ahead with advertisements.

Advance booking of the venue

Remember advertisements should have the right information about the date, time and venue of the event. Book the venue and get necessary documentation to be sure of the information on the advertisement. The advertisement should be the last stage in planning.

Awards and availability of sport equipment

Ping Pong event is not just a sit-down event. There should be ample space to mount the tennis tables and to allow free movement of players during the game. The sports equipment should be several to cater for invited players as well as guests who may want to play as a hobby and not necessarily competition. The award is a great motivation for best players. Have awards in various categories to crown the event. If there are any entry fees and tickets, communicate it in the advertisements.

Planning for a Ping Pong event should be many months before the actual date to give participants ample time to plan and schedule their attendance.


Promote Your Business by offering Free Taste of Grilled Meatballs

“Free tasting” is one of the most convincing ways to get people to discover and try your products or services for free. For your restaurant your business, you are offering a free taste of your delicious grilled meatballs. However, before you can make people sign up for the free taste, you’ll have to promote it, encouraging them to join. Here are some effective ways:
1. Through your E-mail Signature
Your email signature consists of your name and contact information that you place at the bottom of all the emails you send. You can use it to your advantage by including a link that leads immediately to the register page for your Free Grilled Meatball Taste. You can lure people by asking them an interesting question, followed by the supposed link.
For example:
Have you tasted the best grilled meatball? Maybe we can encourage you our best tasting grilled meatball for absolutely FREE! Just click this link: , fill up the form, and hit send.
2. Through your Restaurant’s Website
You have to make sure that the registration form of your Free Taste campaign is conveniently posted on your website’s home page. It should also be posted on every other page of the same website. This, no matter what page a person clicks, you are providing them with a chance to be able to get a free taste of your grilled meatballs.
3. Spread to Everyone
Make sure that you remember to spread the word through your contact list regarding your Free Taste. Provide them with a link(s) to the registration page, and also inquire them to send it to other people if they can’t benefit from the said campaign.
4, Through Your Directories
Include your Free Taste campaign in the directories which can be accessible to you through membership in associations, groups, organizations, and any type of directories particular to the packaging of your campaign.
meatballs4. In your Restaurant Itself
The best way to promote your free taste of grilled meatballs is the traditional one. Put a sign outside your restaurant saying that you are providing a free taste for a particular time and date. Make sure to also inform them that your customers are the only ones who can get a free taste from food made by your BBQ smoker.
5. Flyers
Another traditional way to promote your restaurant’s free tasting activity is handing out flyers in the locality. You can post it on various bulletin boards, and other legal places.

Drip Marketing Software Review

infusionsoft-Infusionsoft: A Drip Marketing Software Review

Drip Marketing, also known as drip campaigns, automated email campaign, lifecycle emails, autoresponders, and marketing automation, is a method of automatically sending marketing e-mails in a particular schedule. The e-mails can differ depending on triggers or actions an individual has made, such as signing up for a website or asking help from your services. Here is a short review of one of the most famous Drip Marketing Software available.

Infusionsoft Drip Marketing Software

A lot of business owners have shifted to Infusionsoft, as it is the most appropriate tool for sending automated e-mails for their customers. This Drip Marketing Software may be expensive. However, when you compare it to other campaigns, such as the ROI. Infusionsoft competes with other big marketing software, including Aweber and Ontraport, so you wouldn’t be surprised why the charge so much for their software. This website source has compared Infusionsoft to Ontraport http://gedlynk.com/ontraport-vs-infusionsoft.

For their services, you can choose to pay for the Essentials, Deluxe Sales, Deluxe E-Commerce or Complete package. The price starts at $199 per month which includes contact management and marketing automating for 2, 500 contacts, 12, 500 emails per month and 3 users. The most expensive package is worth $379 per month that already includes contact management, marketing automation, sales automation and e-commerce for 10, 000 contacts, with 50, 000 emails per month from 5 users. Also, you’ll have to pay a one-off fee of $ 2, 000 for their mandatory kick-starter coaching page. However, even with this unbelievable price tag for a software, a lot of business owners still invest their money to Infusionsoft.

But, after you finish the mandatory kick-starter package, you’ll soon realize that it is indeed important, helping you fully understand the complexity of their drip marketing software. It has so much power to change your online business, using its price as a psychological factor to really make it work.

Buying and Setup

First of all, they don’t allow customers to sign-up in their official website. They prefer that you hop through a series of processes by asking for a demo or phoning them of your interest in their software. Generally, they just want to ensure that they’re dealing with an actual person, and not just another automated person online. This is also a great way for you to make sure that they’re a legit provider, and not just any scammer.

Here are the things we liked about the Infusionsoft

  1. Great campaign builder – It’s an amazing software that makes the process enjoyable and satisfying by being able to interact with thousands of customers.
  2. They also have a great community – In their private groups on Facebook, they host an ICON conferences every year, hoping to get their customers share what they know and help each other businesses.
  3. Excellent deliverability results – They have better e-mail deliverability compared to other drip marketing software.
  4. Quick and stable software – Compared to other services that lags and loads forever, everything in the software opens quickly, without any software problems.
  5. Satisfactory customer service – The team involved in this software has always been helpful in attending to the needs of their users, making sure they have the best experience with their services.


Social Media Marketing Ideas for Pet shop Owners

Boys Kissing a Dog

The Pets and pet related products industries are continuously booming, attracting many individuals to start a pet shop. One of the many ways to get more customers is to use social media marketing. Here are some tips that will surely bring cash into your registry.

Post Advertisements on Pet Blog Giants

Placement is one of the most effective ways to improve your advertising, putting your ads in front of the right eyes. This is the reason we’re telling you to post online ads on numerous authoritative pet blogs, particularly those which are popular in your area. This method makes sure that the viewers will be encouraged in the idea of pets and pet products prior to seeing your advertisement. You may have to take out more money for getting your ads a spot on these blogs, but it will be worth it since it’s a really effective method to attract customers to your online pet shop.

Take Advantage of Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, you name it. They are great ways to advertise your pet shop. You can do it through sharing photos, publishing great deals, sharing about your featured pets, and even sharing your shop’s recommended supplement for pets like the most popular one, Glucosamine. Everything is absolutely free (unless you want your ad to be sponsored), you just have to exert time and effort to make attractive posts, and therefore you should brainstorm great designs for your ads. Most of the time, your ad won’t instantly get famous, but the constant delivery of good and worthy posts will get you to that point eventually. For example, once an individual follows your pet shop’s Facebook page, every post you make in the future will show up in their newsfeed. Don’t miss this free opportunity.

Your Pet Store Should Have a Blog

If your pet store is based online (and maybe offline), then it’s a good thing. It means you can reach out to more potential customers that can’t visit your physical store. But, you forgot something, making a blog. There are many ways to make your blog more engaging.

One easy tip is to post articles on a daily basis. If you want potential customers to engage with it, you’ll have to do it consistently. You don’t have to post websites in written form only, you can add images or share a funny video—that is somewhat related to your pet shop of course. It depends on you, you can post once a week, or daily.

You can also post tips on the right way to take care of pets. There are a thousand kinds of pets, pretty much sure you won’t run out of ideas. This is also a great way to endorse your product. For example, you can remind your readers that dogs need their nails to be regularly clipped, so they’ll need a safe, quality-made nail clipper which is obviously available in your pet store.

Another great idea is to post articles on animal related events. There might be even a chance that you get to be on top of the google search list.