Social Media Marketing Ideas for Pet shop Owners

Boys Kissing a Dog

The Pets and pet related products industries are continuously booming, attracting many individuals to start a pet shop. One of the many ways to get more customers is to use social media marketing. Here are some tips that will surely bring cash into your registry.

Post Advertisements on Pet Blog Giants

Placement is one of the most effective ways to improve your advertising, putting your ads in front of the right eyes. This is the reason we’re telling you to post online ads on numerous authoritative pet blogs, particularly those which are popular in your area. This method makes sure that the viewers will be encouraged in the idea of pets and pet products prior to seeing your advertisement. You may have to take out more money for getting your ads a spot on these blogs, but it will be worth it since it’s a really effective method to attract customers to your online pet shop.

Take Advantage of Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, you name it. They are great ways to advertise your pet shop. You can do it through sharing photos, publishing great deals, sharing about your featured pets, and even sharing your shop’s recommended supplement for pets like the most popular one, Glucosamine. Everything is absolutely free (unless you want your ad to be sponsored), you just have to exert time and effort to make attractive posts, and therefore you should brainstorm great designs for your ads. Most of the time, your ad won’t instantly get famous, but the constant delivery of good and worthy posts will get you to that point eventually. For example, once an individual follows your pet shop’s Facebook page, every post you make in the future will show up in their newsfeed. Don’t miss this free opportunity.

Your Pet Store Should Have a Blog

If your pet store is based online (and maybe offline), then it’s a good thing. It means you can reach out to more potential customers that can’t visit your physical store. But, you forgot something, making a blog. There are many ways to make your blog more engaging.

One easy tip is to post articles on a daily basis. If you want potential customers to engage with it, you’ll have to do it consistently. You don’t have to post websites in written form only, you can add images or share a funny video—that is somewhat related to your pet shop of course. It depends on you, you can post once a week, or daily.

You can also post tips on the right way to take care of pets. There are a thousand kinds of pets, pretty much sure you won’t run out of ideas. This is also a great way to endorse your product. For example, you can remind your readers that dogs need their nails to be regularly clipped, so they’ll need a safe, quality-made nail clipper which is obviously available in your pet store.

Another great idea is to post articles on animal related events. There might be even a chance that you get to be on top of the google search list.