How to Plan Ping Pong Event and gather best players in town  

Ping Pong events attract a large crowd and proper planning is required because of many activities involved in the event. Proper planning requires advance booking of the best players. You should also consider the time and date of the event; when you plan the event when they are on the verge of Olympic preparation chances are they might not attend. Best players have celebrity status, they also love to attend events where there is huge traffic to meet fans and interact as they have fun. Security should also be vital. Planning involves various aspects; some of them include

Date and time of the event

A ping Pong tournament is an outdoor event where participants come to enjoy the game as well as interact. Event organizers should choose a date where most of the people are available and the best players are free from upcoming events. The season should also be favorable to enjoy the event to the maximum. Summer time will be ideal compared to wintertime. It should be a daylong event and the venue should only host the tournament to avoid any destructions.

Massive advertisement

Marketers should use diverse marketing strategies to spread the word on the Ping Pong event. Sports activities are fun when there is the massive presence of spectators and players. The Internet, social media, print, audiovisual media and word of mouth referral will be the best marketing strategies to pass information about the tournament.

Official communication

Event organizers should avoid last minute rush when planning the event. Before you embark on any form advertisement; you must ensure the players have an official invitation and confirmed their attendance. The venue should also be booked in advance to ensure that date there is no any other bookings. With advanced technology, all these can be done online through Email and follow up made through phone calls or physical visits. During the invitations, all the necessary concerns raised by the players are solved and the planners can go ahead with advertisements.

Advance booking of the venue

Remember advertisements should have the right information about the date, time and venue of the event. Book the venue and get necessary documentation to be sure of the information on the advertisement. The advertisement should be the last stage in planning.

Awards and availability of sport equipment

Ping Pong event is not just a sit-down event. There should be ample space to mount the tennis tables and to allow free movement of players during the game. The sports equipment should be several to cater for invited players as well as guests who may want to play as a hobby and not necessarily competition. The award is a great motivation for best players. Have awards in various categories to crown the event. If there are any entry fees and tickets, communicate it in the advertisements.

Planning for a Ping Pong event should be many months before the actual date to give participants ample time to plan and schedule their attendance.


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