Home tools Seller’s Marketing Strategy

Marketing requires different strategies depending on the target market. Before you make a choice on any marketing strategies, you need to know the location, interest, and habits of your target customers. Will the strategy reach them? If you are selling an online course and you use print media, chances are your audience might not get the information on time unlike using the internet.

Some of the home tools used by a seller include


The innovation of the internet has made marketing a cheap and easy way of relaying information to customers. Smartphones and tablets have access to the internet you can choose to send Emails to your customers on the product to find a good model of weed eater or what not. You can also choose to design an advertisement and make a paid up advertisements in various online shops for hosting.


Social media

The advent of social media has also improved access to information. Marketers also find it a cheap tool to convey the message as well as receive timely feedback from customers. This will help you improve and make any necessary changes. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram are the most common social media platforms. Marketers only create a page where they get followers who act as their first audience. The platforms have the sharing facility to help reach out to other customers within their cycle of friends. The major advantage of social media is the concept of uploading pictures for customers to see and make the right decision. You could also choose to send out a video with information about the product.

Word of mouth

People love using products that have been tested and proved with positive feedback. The word of mouth referral is the best home tool for a seller. You could polish it by providing your customers with brochures or handouts for adding value to the advertisement. The brochures should have contacts and any relevant information on the product.

Online campaigns

Your friends should be the first recipient of your product. A marketer can use his smartphone, computer or tablet to design an advertisement and share it online with friends. It can be through social media platforms or Emails. A soft copy advertisement can reach masses compared to print or audiovisual media.

Advertisement hosting

He can also choose to contact popular websites to host the advertisement for a fee. The links should redirect an interested customer to the website for more information about the product.

There are various home tools, which can be good marketing platforms. Some include billboards within the neighborhood. Marketing is a heavy investment for multi-level companies; startups could consider using home marketing tools as the initial strategies to help build the brand before spending heavily on expensive marketing strategies. Traditionally, print and audiovisual media were the only ways of advertisements but currently technology has widened the choices. However, despite the access to the internet there are still expensive Customer Relationship Management tools which can be used for advertisement. The choice of any of the strategy is left to the marketer.