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We Care

At Project San Dimas, we care about businesses using our resources and their customers or potential clients. Therefore, we only provide effective tips and strategies that have been proven to work.


The information, tips, and guides we publish are meant to help you increase traffic to your online business, generate leads, and rank higher on search engines. All these are geared towards achieving business growth.


Behind every business is a human and so are sales. Therefore, we encourage businesses to treat their sales and clients as humans and not numbers. We do the same on our platform, seeing people for who they are.

Succeed the Smarter Way

We give access to smart marketing tools, strategies, and tips to help you and your business succeed the smarter way. This is unlike using traditional marketing techniques.

About Us

Project San Dimas is a digital marketing blog. The free online platform was started 5 years ago to provide marketing knowledge, tools, and strategy. We offer tips and guides to help individuals and businesses to grow, generate more leads and get more profit.

We care about businesses and their need for growth, hence the informational marketing services we offer. We understand that behind every business or sale is a human. Therefore, we encourage businesses to treat every client as a person and never a number.

We help businesses succeed the smarter way using proven strategies. Project San Dimas platform is a marketing guide that offers tips and insights on social media marketing, mobile marketing, and content marketing, among other types of marketing.

Our History

Our founders are experienced marketers who’ve been doing what they love the most for more than 20 years. With great success helping over 1000 businesses with their marketing needs, they were inspired to begin an educational blog for marketing.

Project San Dimas was established in 2016 to help business owners and marketers access the resources such as information, tips, and tools they need to promote their brands. We’ve grown over the years in terms of content published and traffic to our blog.

Today, Project San Dimas enjoys a larger viewership that hits millions each month. We love sharing knowledge and tips with people of the same mindset. The future is bright for this informational marketing blog.

providing businesses and individuals the right tips, knowledge, information, and guides they need to promote their products and/or services online.