Our Team

Martin Ronald

Digital marketing executive

The dynamism in digital marketing requires an expert in the field to lead to sales in a company. That’s the sole role of Martin Ronald. The graduate in Business Management – marketing option comes with five years experience in the digital marketing platform.

The recent marketing app he designed is a clear indication of the marketing industry’s grasp not only by profession but also by hands-on experience. They are the stakeholders in digital marketing circles and use the knowledge to empower the people under him to learn from him and mold them as their replacement just in case he exits the company.

Martin worked for Google analytics and understood the back office front when it comes to numbers in marketing.

The swift landing pages and marketing campaigns are work of his hands. He has managed to do this using a hands-on and practical approach to ensure that the campaigns are not for public relations but to bring results.

Ruby Nelly

Marketing Assistant

After the head of marketing rolls up a program, Ruby’s work is to monitor its implementation to the latter in liaison with the relevant personnel within the company. She is the supporting arm of the marketing managers and executives.

She schedules marketing campaigns to target a specific audience. The three years of experience in a competitive marketing environment is a plus to the organization.

The recent diploma graduate in Marketing- digital marketing option; possesses the latest workable marketing trends that move sales. She designs sales strategies and also literally writes the email campaigns with the supports of the copywriter.

She researches and analyses everything in the department, including coordinating the field marketing activities to increase profits.

Strong communication and correct use of words is a plus to the company. She is an expert in mastering marketing concepts, thanks to her high keenness and organization skills.

Richard Nelson

Content Marketing Specialist

The content marketing specialist is the personnel responsible for the content marketing needs of the company.

He is directly responsible for the recruitment of content writers across the globe since they are remotely located. He plans the relevant content and shares it with the team for quality and well-researched content.

The degree holder in journalism understands the rules on print or audiovisual media. He is a member of the Global media council, where he was once a chairman.

That means he comes on board with comprehensive knowledge in matters, guidelines and policies on content marketing from a media perspective. He has several awards to his name due to his exemplary service as a content marketing specialist. He edits all content to be in line with marketing standards.

Andrews Pierre

Social Media Manager

“Any business not on social media platforms is missing in a very crucial aspect of marketing. Your target audience hangs on the social media streets.” Andrews quotes.

He is the Social Media Manager for the company and understands the dynamics around the platforms.

The easy-to-work-with manager has a Masters’s Degree in Mass communication with several participation certificates on social media seminars and workshops.

There is no workshop organized by the social media companies that he misses. That’s where he derives his wisdom in the social media manager.

He works with a commenter team and hashtags handlers to ensure the target audience has the correct information on a product or service. He is responsible for back-office operations, especially analytics, to understand which marketing campaign works for which product.

Samantha Davidson

Senior Marketing Executive

For all your marketing needs, the brain behind it is Samantha – a Diploma holder in marketing. She has attended several conferences, seminars, and capacity-building workshops to be at par with the current trends in the marketing industry.

She is directly in charge of all the company’s sales executives, including the digital marketers remotely located. Her team-building skills are well articulated in her marketing results. The go-getter can move sales even in a competitive market, thanks to her creative marketing skills. One of her outstanding achievements is the Global Marketing Alliance as the best marketing executive of the year in 2018.

Her decade’s experience in marketing gives her leverage among other marketers. She plans all the marketing campaigns on whatever platform and uses in-house marketing analytics to differentiate time waster and what works for the organization.

She has worked with blue-chip companies as a marketing director and brings on board a wealth of marketing experience to move the business to the following corporate level.

Emmanuelle George


The marketing content you read is the work of Emmanuelle, the copywriter. She carefully uses words to prompt action from a reader who is a lead. The brand ambassador is the face of the company.

Ever heard of someone who learned on the job? To your disbelief, Emmanuelle is a high school graduate with a passion for writing. He narrowed her niche, thanks to her convincing skills in the use of words.

She irresistibly puts a service, brand, or product to the seller; thus, the reader has no option but to take action on the product. She writes advertisements for the digital market and follows up with various promotional strategies.

Her team-building spirit is the reason the digital marketer has an easy time, for she ensures everything is done at the right place, at the right time with the right people. 

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