Promote Your Business by offering Free Taste of Grilled Meatballs

What they say

“Free tasting” is one of the most convincing ways to get people to discover and try your products or services for free. For your restaurant your business, you are offering a free taste of your delicious grilled meatballs. However, before you can make people sign up for the free taste, you’ll have to promote it, encouraging them to join. Here are some effective ways:
1. Through your E-mail Signature
Your email signature consists of your name and contact information that you place at the bottom of all the emails you send. You can use it to your advantage by including a link that leads immediately to the register page for your Free Grilled Meatball Taste. You can lure people by asking them an interesting question, followed by the supposed link.
For example:
Have you tasted the best grilled meatball? Maybe we can encourage you our best tasting grilled meatball for absolutely FREE! Just click this link: , fill up the form, and hit send.
2. Through your Restaurant’s Website
You have to make sure that the registration form of your Free Taste campaign is conveniently posted on your website’s home page. It should also be posted on every other page of the same website. This, no matter what page a person clicks, you are providing them with a chance to be able to get a free taste of your grilled meatballs.
3. Spread to Everyone
Make sure that you remember to spread the word through your contact list regarding your Free Taste. Provide them with a link(s) to the registration page, and also inquire them to send it to other people if they can’t benefit from the said campaign.
4, Through Your Directories
Include your Free Taste campaign in the directories which can be accessible to you through membership in associations, groups, organizations, and any type of directories particular to the packaging of your campaign.
meatballs4. In your Restaurant Itself
The best way to promote your free taste of grilled meatballs is the traditional one. Put a sign outside your restaurant saying that you are providing a free taste for a particular time and date. Make sure to also inform them that your customers are the only ones who can get a free taste from food made by your BBQ smoker.
5. Flyers
Another traditional way to promote your restaurant’s free tasting activity is handing out flyers in the locality. You can post it on various bulletin boards, and other legal places.

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