The Rise of Online Marketing

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It has become so easy to browse through catalogs of items, make choices, place orders, make payment all online from the comfort of your home. It is also as easy on the other and (the seller’s end) to let you know about products and services, get your order and have purchases delivered to your doorstep. You see, the two instances above are just for familiarization, online marketing is vast, covering Mobile Marketing, online advertising, Campaign Management, Event Management, E-Commerce, Training, Export Marketing, Social Media Management among others. Not to mind those terms above, you would understand this implies the online promotion, research, advertising, distribution and selling of products and services.

Before now, marketing has been onsite, and all products and service dealings had to be done on the ground and manually. This system, however, was improved by the later use of radios, television, and telephone; which later became crude.

Technology not only has bettered every sector of human endeavors but also is the main driver of digital marketing. Now, at your convenience, you can access almost everything! Online selling, buying, advertising and the ultimate part of our lives, the Medial. A number of companies are leading this digital marketing pace one of which is the Buzzfeed online shopping and news and entertainment. Technology has had an impact on the products, prices, and locations. And now enables the following:

• Integration which is the adequate knowledge of clients.
• Excellent interaction between individuals, companies, and client, through an easy and seamless communication system.
• Reaching clients, customers, and businesses regardless of location. Locations no longer cripple marketing as the whole world is connected by technology and products and services can be accessed from many locations.
• Automatic arrangement and response are also the main alders of digital marketing. This way, technology has ensured that human delay doesn’t have an effect on productivity and servicing.
• Technology has also ensured that individual clients and customers can be attended to especially. People can now make their interests, choices, and preferences known and as such get specific and tailored items.

Technology has to great extent aided the rise of digital marketing, we can as well class digital marketing thus:
1. Search engine optimization, Shortened as SEO, this involves the ensuring building website trust and traffic. This way, the websites of choice are ranked for viewers and visitors and viewers have their interest met.
2. Social Media Marketing (SMM), Basically the social media is for connecting persons with others and their interests, and as such, marketing on the social media offers an efficient way to get to customers, thus; wider coverage.
3. Email marketing, The electronic mail brought an end to the crude and slow method of messaging in the past and now is an excellent marketing tool. Customers can now have their interest, newsletter and such others delivered to them on emails.
4. Affiliate marketing, More people still get more things done. And although digital marketing is of and for human, through affiliate marketing, more people engage in marketing specific products and services and commissions are distributed. &Advertising, This is a major part of digital marketing, but will be listed here so we can also have it in mind. Digital advertising comes in so many forms such as Pay-per-click advert, pay-per-view advert, retargeting and many MOM.

Digital marketing will continue to grow not only because technology will but also because the human efforts will not seize. Human convenience is key, income generation is major and altogether, connecting and servicing more people will drive digital marketing higher